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Choosing a registered address

Both a business and registered address must be provided when your company is incorporated with Companies House.

Contractors often utilise their home address as their registered address. However if you do not wish your home address to be publicly available, we are able to provide you with details of our registered address. We charge an additional monthly fee of £10 plus VAT.

Why you should use our registered address?

Dhikr Accountants will have instant access to all HMRC and Companies House documentation as all correspondence will be delivered directly to our registered address. If you chose not to use our registered address, then all HMRC and Companies House documentation that you receive must be forwarded to Dhikr Accountants.

Expenses you can deduct

Do you qualify for deductions on your expenses? Contact Dhikr Accountants for more information.

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IR35, what is it?

Let’s talk about a subject many contractors may dislike: IR35

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VAT: The application of a 20% tax on your sales invoices.

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The flat rate scheme (FRS)

Flat Rate Scheme (FRS): For businesses whose forecast annual sales will be £150,000 or less in the next year.

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Closing your company

There may come a time when contracting is no longer right for you. You may have been offered a permanent job, or you may be simply changing careers.

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Take home pay calculator

The take home pay calculator gives you an illustration of what your take home could be.

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Get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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We bring together the technical expertise of a large firm with the feel of a smaller organisation that really cares about your business.


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