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Need to declare additional income? Or maybe you have made a capital disposal and want to understand it's tax implications..

At Dhikr Accountants we have created a complete range of services to support your individual needs, these include:
Self-Assessment Income Tax Investigations
Inheritance Tax Planning Probate and Estate Administration

✓ Self-Assessment
✓ Income Tax Ivestigation
✓ Inheritance Tax Planning
✓ Probate and Estate Administration

How we can help?
Imran is always at hand to help at any time – by phone or through e-mail, and takes great pride in the work that he does, offering value for money but not compromising on quality.

We bring together the technical expertise of a large firm with the feel of a smaller organisation that really cares about your individual needs.

Dedicated Accountants at Dhikr Accountants

You will always have direct access to your accountant Imran, no more call centres!

Dedicated Accountant

Online Portal

We believe in innovation and use the latest available technology.

Latest Technology

Keeping you up to date at Dhikr Accountants

No one likes a nasty surprise, which is why we like to stay in regular touch.

Keeping You Up To Date

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